Why Should I Send Greeting Cards in Business?

As publishers of greeting and note cards for business, we’re often asked if sending greeting cards in business is appropriate and effective. Here a few of the frequently asked questions and our replies...

Will sending a thank you card get me more business?

Maybe. Like most things in life, it often depends upon the feeling behind the gesture. Remember the lessons that your mother taught you as a kid? “Sit up straight; don’t play with your food; always say please and thank you.” Guess what, she was right. It’s so easy to make a sale, then quickly move on to your next “conquest.” There’s just one problem. If your “conquest” senses your predatory attitude... hasta la vista, baby. Everyone loves to be thanked and appreciated.

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In our opinion, the best description of relationship marketing is still Theodore Levitt's chapter on "Relationship Management" in his seminal book The Marketing Imagination (1983).

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